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10:19 PM


In a world with over 6 billion people, I've come to realize that I came into this world alone, and I will leave it alone. Everyone's searching for the key to happiness, everybody wants acceptance, society is all just one big test that no one can ever pass, no matter what.

I act strong for so many people, and whilst I don't give a fuck about 99.9% of things in life, there are certain things that call my attention. I listen to what people say, think, feel, and what I take into consideration is the fact that maybe some of this shit is something I do need to listen to.

Everyone feels self conscious at points in their life. No matter how confident you may try to act, most of the shit you do is out of self consciousness. Girls who put on loads of makeup, do their hair up nice, wear revealing clothes, belly button piercings, cleavage, is it out of confidence, or the fact that maybe their personality wouldn't get them the recognition they so desperately want. My goal in life is not to be a bad bitch, to be wanted by all the niggas around the way, to be accepted. I could give a fuck about who loves me and who doesn't. At the end of the day, I love myself, I love my brain, I love my talents, and I'll be damned if some NIGGA is gonna take away my self worth.

My goal in life is to travel the world that God created. To do what I WANT to do. To have breakfast in Paris, and dinner in Tokyo. To share my talents with the world. To be loved for my brains and beauty. All these girls do is crave attention. If it isn't with ignorance, it's with half nakedness, showing off their "fat asses", shit like that. Call it jealousy if you want, IDGAF. I don't envy anyone, because I will work hard for whatever it is that I want, when I'm ready to do so.

I've learned that I'm never gonna be the chick in the Men's Magazine, Or the girl shaking her ass for dollars, or the groupie of a basketball player, or even the bitch who spends most of her rent money on a new lace front. That's not me. But it pisses me off that these girls cease to realize it. I can only spread my opinion so far, and hope that these girls realize it's not a bag thing to be a virgin, it's not a bad thing to not settle with a dude just because he asked you out, it's not a bad thing to be conservative and have respect for yourself, and it's not a bad thing to be alone every once in a while. I don't have to get dick , or "bag" to feel proud, and love myself. Because at the end of the day, I don't give a fuck what ANY of you think. If you're on my team, congratulations, let's get a move on, but if you're not, sit your ass down on the bench, and keep the whole in your face shut.

We're only here for so long, and if we listened to the negative shit that people have to say, it's only going to bring us down, and take us out. And I'll be damned if I let someone else's WORDS, OPINIONS, thoughts that come out through their mouth and dissipate in the air, BRING ME TO MY LOWEST, AND TAKE ME OUT! Do you understand me? You will physically have to MURDER me, before I ever stop loving myself, and believing in myself.

And it's funny the shit people do for acceptance. This is a major vent right now, so nothing's in order, but I just sit back and I see the sorry excuse for a life that people live. The way females throw themselves at dick. For what? So you can be used up, and passed around to the homie ? Lol. GOOD TIMES! You see the girls that are wifed down, are the ones who are smart, the ones who a dude wants to come home to every night, because he can talk to her, he can be real with her, she's not like the other girls around the way. And even if he cheats on her, EVEN if, he always comes back to her, because he knows she's the only one who gets them. Lol, I look at the girls who ask for that, and wonder, are you crazy ? You honestly think somebody wants to be in a committed relationship with a girl who doesn't have shit going for herself? It's not always about sex.

I see girls complain "ugh all he wants is pussy". Then WHY are you focused on him for? Why are you not looking for someone who's NOT focused on that? lol. I don't get it.

Too much for me to try to explain.


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