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2:31 PM

Okay, so.. is it just me, or is Kelly Rowland's lacefront completely out of control these days? Ever since she left Matthew Knowles, it seems like she's taken Beyonce's leftovers, and dyed them jet black. Her hairline is NON-EXISTENT, it looks like something off the discount bin at your local beauty supply store. Kelly, you have been with Destiny's Child for YEARS, you should have money. Boo Boo, when you walk away with pride, you better walk away looking fly as hell, as if you could careless, right now you're looking like Who the fuck did it, and Why. step it up Kelly, I have hope for you, but not if you're gonna continue to keep slipping like this.

And on another note, her singing, is .. atrocious. She sounds out of breath, and plus this song came out in 2009, give it up. Release another single or go home, Kelly. Seriously. We were proud when it first came out, had our little "okay do that Kelly, you fly you fly." now its just "ALRIGHT..Kelly."

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