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2:41 PM


Okay, so obviously nobody listens to me when I speak, but I will continue to speak until my final rest hits me. These girls, are getting faster, and faster, LOUDER AND LOUDER, and more ignorant as time continues on. I just.. I can't. And I know that my school isn't even full of that many belligerent people, so I can only imagine what it's like in other schools.

first of all, this art trend has to stop. Artists were the first to wear the ripped jeans, the scarves around the neck, the hair lazily done, and the barats. Now all of a sudden your hood, Nicki Minaj ass wants to dress like that too? NO, you're wearing it because you saw someone else wearing it, and you're a follower, just like you'll always be. You make sure that you have a pair of Uggs, but everything else about you screams HOT MESS. I just, I can't take it anymore. What happened to the girls that read for fun, who have talent, who can sing--and write, who don't discriminate against anyone, who want to get ahead in life.

All I see when I walk down the hallway of my schools, are black girls with big mouths, dingy Uggs worn by all the friends and family, hair tied in a messy bun, STRUGGLING to let those babyhairs free without undoing the whole ponytail, just so what-- you can look like .. the white girls? It's not even their style anymore. Ghetto black girls as a whole, took it from them. How your shoes cost 180, but you're wearing the same Hollister shirt, or no name shirt and jeans every single day? It defeats the purpose. People are so ignorant. If you are not prosperous, you are not prosperous--therefore why are you spending your parents rent money, just so you can be socially accepted in the school?

I've had it with the lack of originiality, creativity, and ingenuity in our race. We have become so ignorant, that as long as we look good on the outside, we're good in general. All that glitters IS NOT GOLD. You, my unfortunate friend, are NOT A BAD BITCH. You know every word to Nicki Minaj's song, but if I asked you to recite a line from Shakespeare, you wouldn't know what hit you. Like wtf, when will these females realize that just because the nigga likes you, does not mean he wants to wife you. Lol. Realize that in 30 years, the shoes on your feet now, will not be there. Your education will, what you've grown up with will, so if you want to act like a hood bitch in WEST ORANGE, go right ahead.


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