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5:57 PM

Rihanna's definitely trying to push her sexiness--ehrm.

In today's world, only the Miley Cyrus's are going to survive. Well, of course Beyonce will live on forever as well as her lacefronts--but if the kids ain't with you, then sayonara. As far as this magazine goes, great approach, but it's definitely a aisle-reading magazine, not a OMG I have to take this home mag. Men will look, but not buy--which is why women in the entertainment industry these days need to focus on the women & the children, because men will go to a strip club if they're in desperate need for some ass and titties--not by "GQ". Women however will buy that Chris Brown outfit, because his shirt his off, buy that Chris Brown magazine because they want the posters in it, the youth is running the world without even knowing it. Good try though Rihanna.

What is she.. wearing?
Is anyone else as unimpressed with this chick as I am? The men like her yes, but because all females hate her, let's see how far her album goes. (Now don't get me wrong, it's not the hater in me speaking, its just the fact that she continues to call herself a bad bitch--and is basically saying "anyone who isn't me.. is ugly." how can i be a fan of that?)


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