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7:24 PM

Promote Graffiti.

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Famous, Girl.

7:13 PM

leaked Chris Brown song, "Famous Girl". The words of the song are cleverly used from other songs like Halo, Bust Your Windows, etc. Not something that would necessarily make the top 100, because people are too stupid to really get it, but it's definitely hot for me. Graffiti--a must.


[insert drool here] I mean, ARE YOU? We all supported Bobby Brown after his whole thang with Whitney, I'm pretty sure we'll get over this one. :) I still love Chris Brown, I'm not gonna lie, he's got more talent then any of these half ass singers these days can hope for.

The other hubby Drake also:

Vibe magazine has finally decided to return back to the shelves, after the recession caused it to close down. WOOT. Vibe's the only magazine I actually buy, besides BAZAAR and Glamour.

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