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You're turning him off

7:24 PM

Females, here's some advice. Cause lately I've been getting PRETTY upset, watching these desperate ass floozies throwing themselves at my bros. Overt sexuality, isn't cute, as much as you want boys to think it is. Usually, leading a boy on like this, gets YOU hurt, because you think you'll reel him in with your sexual charm, hook him with your personality, and keep him with both, no. That's not how it works. Unless you can get in his mind, because it's just like yours, chances are you aren't going to work.

Number One: First impressions are everything. Now, just because a guy is physically attractive, doesn't mean you guys will click. If you like to read, and he likes to smoke, chances are.. y'all are not gonna vibe. The first three words that come out your mouth will probably determine what a guy wants with you.
1. Relationship
2. Sex
3. um.. bye.

Number Two: Be private with yours. There's nothing a guy hates more than a girl with a big ass mouth.
For example:
"Your facebook status: Omq talkKin` tEw dha Boo lE0Nn oN dha pH0N3, M0St def b0Ut tHa bhE dhA nEw WiF3Yy. "
Basically you just fucked up anything you had going for you. Usually if all you're getting is texting--shit is out. But when you move up to the phone stage, if you manage to fuck that up, then there's no point in being with you. Guys don't want a girlfriend just to have one, usually when they settle down, it's because they find a friendship in the girl. They realize she's not only laid back, but I could hang out with her instead of my boys all the time. So if you can't be that, just sit down.

Number Three: If he likes your friend, he .. likes your friend.
Example: A guy sees Target A, and the friend (you) Target B. But he's going for Target A cause she's cuter. He approaches Target A, only for her to say that Target B likes him, and therefore she can't talk to him. so now he's mad. Target B feels as though that if Target A talks to him, she's breaking the girl code, and their friendship will forever be broken.

Let.. it go. He wants your friend, that's it. There are PLENTY of fish in the sea, and it's not like this guy is the last man on Earth (that would be a different story) There's nothing I can't stand more then a girl who is desperate for male attention, and feels as though if she doesn't have a man, she is worthless. Who cares? You came into this world alone, you'll leave that way. Stop stressing over one guy and let it go. Especially when you're only 15, who cares?

Number Four
: Flirting is not "yeah, i suck dick, I don't see the problem with it." Okay first off, if there is no foundation to your relationship (meaning you guys were not at least friends first, but you just met the nigga at a party and he decided to get your number) that's not a good move. Because guys like the one you're probably talking to, come back to me and his homies, and we laugh at you. We laugh at you because you're desperate, and hoeish. And here's some advice, when you go to a party wearing shorts that are practically underwear, prancing around in your bra, and sweating all your baby oil off, a nigga sees you and wants to fuck--end of story. They don't look at you and say "hmm i want her number because she looks interesting and like a good person," no. They see you and either say "damn her ass is fat" or "i need to hit that shit" either.. one.. or probably both.

to be continued, i'm tired of typing.

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