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Rated R ?

2:45 PM

Rihanna's New Album, Rated R.
Don't feel like buying it? I got it.

Download Link :Rated R..

01. Mad House
02. Wait Your Turn*
03. Hard (ft Jeezy)*
04. Stupid In Love
05. Rockstar 101 (ft Slash)*
06. Russian Roulette
07. Fire Bomb
08. Rude Boy*
09. Photographs (ft Will.i.am)
10. G4L*
11. Te Amo
12. Cold Case Love
13. The Last Song

*-best songs on the album.

Overall, her album was way hotter than I expected, too bad she won't be able to do this shit live, you feel me? But the producers and writers definitely put their foot in these songs, because I feel the shit she's saying. So download it asap, or go out and buy it if that's how you feel.


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